About Us

What is this blog about?

Are we a fashion blog? Not exactly. Will we share everyday fashions and work attire when we’re feeling put together? Absolutely! We love to shop and when we come across an amazing deal we’ll be letting readers know! Pieces that can easily migrate from work wear to street wear are what we love and what we invest in.

Is this a home décor blog? Hardly. We have styled our homes to the best of our abilities but our styles are ever changing, and we definitely get the urge to redecorate or rearrange a room. We’ll post any updates to our homes that we feel are interesting and could inspire others.

Is this a travel blog? Not even close. However, we all grew up traveling and continue to use our hard-earned vacation time to explore different parts of the world. While we’re not experts or worthy of our own show on the Travel Channel, we’re excited to share our experiences and travel tips.

Is this an advice blog with all of life’s answers? Definitely not! We are desperately trying to figure it all out. Sometimes we may offer advice and other times we may solicit it, but we aren’t claiming to be experts. We’re sharing what has and hasn’t worked for us and how that’s playing out in our lives.

So what is this? To put it bluntly this is just a blog about three professional women working to make ends meet both at the office and at home. It’s an online diary for us to look back on and relive moments in our life. It’s an outlet for us to vent about the things we feel we’re EXPECTED to do with our lives versus what we WANT to do. It’s a place to share our travels, our home life, our highs, and our lows. We’re working hard to bring home the bubbly and we hope this is a place that others can relate to.

We know we’re not perfect and we won’t try to be. This is an honest look at our lives and we hope that you can find humor in it and know that you’re not alone in life’s everyday chaos.


Why are there three of you?

Without all three of us, there wouldn’t be a blog. Over the last year, we have supported each other and bonded together through (almost) daily email chains. Some days we rant about work, our husbands (sorry guys!), or the weather. Other days we seek each other’s advice or consolation. But in every single chain, one of us chimes in to remind the others that they are kicking ass at work and at home, even when it doesn’t feel like it. These emails were getting out of hand and we felt we needed another outlet to share.

In many ways, this blog is just the three of us writing to each other to encourage and push each other along the way. We hope that by combining all three of our experiences, travels, and stories, we can empower each other and ultimately have more to share with you, our readers! That said, working on this together also gives us an excellent excuse to meet up for brunch and pop the bubbly!


How did you meet?

K and E attended the same university and met while they were there. K has known E’s husband since middle school and, when E and her hubby started dating, that’s when K and E were introduced. Actually, E’s husband and K’s husband were college roommates, which is how K and her hubby initially met! It’s crazy how intertwined our lives have been.

C came into the picture a couple of years ago when the three met through a mutual friend. There was an instant connection and we bonded over many different things. Who knew C would love the Nordstrom Anniversary sale as much as K? Who could have known that C and E share an utter obsession with golden retrievers? No matter the topic of conversation or situation we find ourselves in, we realized that we all had so much in common. Since then, we’ve all relied on each other to be a sounding board to vent to or a voice of reason when faced with an issue.

Want to get to know us each individually? Head on over to our bio pages! C, E, and K


Are you sponsored by La Marca?

Not yet! But if you represent them or any other bubbly maker (Vevue? Is that you calling?), we’d be more than happy to take some bottles off your hands!

That said, we have purchased (or wish we could purchase) everything we feature on this site with our own money. If we later decide to accept sponsored goods, the posts will be clearly marked in accordance with FTC requirements.