About K

As any Aggie or Texan should start out… Howdy y’all, I’m K! I’m an engineer working in Houston and have been since I graduated from A&M several years ago. I’m married to a wonderful man that I met my sophomore year in college and he’ll be henceforth known as Mr. X (he came up with this one), the man, the hubs, hubby, husband… you get the idea, he’ll go by plenty of names here. I have the most amazing and supportive parents and in-laws, two amazing sisters -hello middle child syndrome (jk!)- plus a wonderful sister in law, two brother in laws, and a niece and a nephew.

Two things I’m absolutely addicted to: traveling and food. I am constantly planning the next big trip with Mr. X (nudge nudge when are we going to Italy?) and I am no Iron Chef but I sure do love to cook up new recipes or try any of the eclectic restaurants we have here in Houston! Honestly if I hadn’t gone to school for engineering I think my alternate path would’ve led me to culinary school.

I continually ask myself how I can make a bigger impact in the work industry and leave a legacy behind — hey reach for the stars I tell ya! I love fiercely, I work hard, I have OCD tendencies, and can be blunt at times but my intentions are always for the best. There will be many attempts at using the latest lingo (← that made me sound old already) and I’m constantly coming up with hashtags that no one has asked for but they entertain me to no end. Oh and I’m always quoting movies or TV shows so be aware my posts may be riddled with those.

I’m hoping to keep this as an online diary of things happening in my life, stay in touch with family and friends, and reach out to any other working lady out there who can relate to the struggles of trying to get it together!