Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Monday, Bubblers! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday spent with those you love. We each took some time to spend with our families – eating too much, catching up, and relaxing with some much needed days off work. While we may not be thankful to wake up early for work this Monday morning after sleeping in the last couple of days, we’re definitely thankful for a few things. So instead of doing a “What We’re Loving” on this last Monday of the month, we’re going to do a “What We’re Thankful For” instead!


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First of all, we are thankful for you guys! A big thank you to each of you for coming in, checking out our page, and keeping up with our happenings. We love this blog as our own personal outlet and a way to document certain things, but its so much more special having you all to share them with.

Second of all, we’re thankful for our families and friends. Life throws you curveballs and we’d be nowhere without our solid support systems. It’s always nice to have someone you can share the good  and the bad times with, so big shout out to our people for sticking by us!

Third of all, while we joke about having to wake up early this morning, we are super thankful for our jobs. One thing we don’t hide about ourselves is that we each have careers and career goals, in addition to this blog. We are always appreciative to get to do what we love every day, even if some days we’d also love to be able to sleep in and drink coffee in our PJs before heading into the office.

We’d to love to hear something special that you are thankful for. If nothing else, we hope you enjoyed spending time with your friends and family this past week and are thankful for the time with them. Now with Thanksgiving behind us, it’s time to look forward to the Christmas season. And for that, we are super thankful! Until next time…

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