Ed Sheeran: Divide World Tour Review

The weekend before last a couple of my “mom friends” and I went to go see Ed Sheeran for a Girls’/Moms’ Night Out. He came to Houston and played in our baseball stadium, Minute Maid Park, as part of his Divide World Tour. And let me tell you…He. Was. AWESOME! We left the toddlers at home with our husbands, grabbed dinner at a local taco joint, and headed to Minute Maid. It was a much-needed night out filled with great friends, good food, and an incredible show!

First shots of Ed as he opened with “Castle on the Hill”

If you have never seen Ed Sheeran live, it is quite the experience. Despite playing in these massive stadiums, he performs totally solo. No live band. No backing track. No nothing. It is literally just him, a guitar, and a looper. I’d heard that he performs all of his shows like this, but I was still skeptical. I mean, how can he play to 40,000+ fans without a live band? Well, he can and he does and he puts every other band and artist to shame in the process. What he does with that looper board is truly incredible.

The looper board allows him to record segments of music and play them back by using foot pedals. That can be anything from him drumming on his guitar, strumming a few repetitive chords, or singing harmonies into the microphone. Once he has all of these elements recorded separately, he then presses a pedal on the looper when he needs these parts of the song to come in. The end result is absolutely incredible! The layers and harmonies he’s able to build throughout each song is seriously studio-quality. And he’s doing it all live right in front of you – just him and a guitar. If that’s not a testament to a true artist, I don’t know what it is!

Now, personally, I love me some Ed Sheeran but I wouldn’t say I’m a SUPER fan. Let’s put it like this: I know all of his songs that are played on the radio, but I have to confess I’ve never bought a single one of his albums. So there were a couple of songs he played that I didn’t know, but they were worth sitting through just to get to the sing-alongs that everyone knows and loves.

The crowd at Minute Maid lit up during “Perfect”

Not to mention, the guy is funny! He talked frequently between songs and was super down-to-earth and just an overall nice person. He had Snow Patrol as his opening act (also another great band) and I thought it was kind of funny. He told the crowd that the first time he played in Houston back in 2012, he was the opening act for Snow Patrol. Now 7 years later, and Snow Patrol are opening for him! Kind of crazy to think about. Another fun thing Ed does – at each tour stop, he comes out for the encore wearing a sports jersey for that city. So you best believe Ed Sheeran came out rocking a Houston Astros jersey for the last couple of songs, and the crowd went nuts!

Ed Sheeran sporting his Astros gear!

Honestly, the concert was top notch and I would highly recommend seeing him if you’ve never had a chance to check him out in person. It’s a unique experience to other currently-touring pop artists. So if you’re in to Ed and/or good live music, you should for sure pick up a ticket next time he’s in your town. I promise – you won’t be disappointed!

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